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Jason Featheringham

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Senior Front-End Engineer, Humu

San Francisco, CA, Jun 2022 – Present

  • Led the planning and development of front-end technical specifications for the Insights user-engagement reports for administrators, resulting in a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for the end-users.
  • Contributed significantly to the Humu Design System component library utilizing Material UI and served as an advocate for its implementation, which led to a more consistent and cohesive user experience across the platform.
  • Assumed a department-wide leadership role and provided mentorship on CSS and accessibility best practices and documentation, which resulted in a more inclusive and accessible platform for all users.
  • Actively participated in efforts to improve team cohesion and morale through regular team-building activities and fostering a positive work environment.
  • Held regular pair-programming sessions with junior team members to provide guidance and support, helping them to grow and develop their skills.
  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to identify areas of improvement and implement solutions that increased efficiency and productivity.

Senior Front-End Engineer, Unicycle

San Francisco, CA, Oct 2021 – Apr 2022

  • Established and shared specialized knowledge, methodologies, and best practices for site architecture, CSS, and accessibility.
  • Demonstrated strong leadership skills as a Technical Lead, effectively breaking down complex tasks into manageable, parallelizable pieces.
  • Actively mentored and supported team members with projects and documentation, resulting in a more cohesive and productive team.
  • Proactively strengthened relationships between engineering and design teams to streamline the product development cycle and improve the overall user experience.
  • Implemented new technologies and techniques to improve front-end performance and user-interface scalability.
  • Led the development of several key features and functionalities on the site, resulting in increased user engagement and satisfaction.

Lead Front-End Engineer, Brightwheel

San Francisco, CA, Jul 2019 – Sep 2021

  • Lead engineer for the front-end component library, helping to codify our application experience.
  • Authored substantial coding standards, brown-bag presentations, and technical design documents.
  • Implemented a standard color and typography toolset, enabling faster product/design delivery.
  • Mentored several colleagues on projects, especially focusing on accessibility and layout proficiency.

Senior Frontend Engineer, Clover Health

San Francisco, CA, Feb 2017 – Jul 2019

  • Lead frontend engineer across multiple internal and member-facing platforms.
  • Defined and implemented UI technical requirements and buy-in for the Payment Integrity (claim recruitment) platform.
  • Planned, scoped and lead the frontend and UI effort for the cloverhealth.com 2018 Annual Enrollment Period project.
  • Active member of the design system initiative, offering insight and effort around modularizing our UI components used across multiple Clover platforms.

Senior UX Engineer, NerdWallet

San Francisco, CA, Nov 2016 – Nov 2017

  • Implemented responsive redesigns of the Banking marketplace and product finder.
  • Engineered the UI/UX portion of the money transfer rates tool.
  • Outspoken advocate and teacher of usability and accessibility patterns (within business constraints) that can reach and assist as many consumers as possible.
  • Key contributor to the Front-End Infrastructure team's shared React components and standardized design system.
  • Introduced and evangelized CSS Grid layout standards.
  • Managed our Tiered Browser Support Matrix on a quarterly basis, ensuring engineers know what emerging browser features are encouraged/acceptable by usage metrics.

UX Engineer, PagerDuty

San Francisco, CA, Jul 2014 – May 2016

  • Focus on analyzing and implementing adaptive, intuitive interfaces across the PagerDuty web application.
  • Migrate existing platform from Backbone.js to Ember.js.
  • Overhauling a batch user input/invite form to allow full keyboard-only interactions, eliminating the existing problems that required using a pointing device to continually add new users. Increased average user addition per session by ~240%. Extended this interaction model across the entire application.
  • Create and maintain a single source of truth rulebook and parser for user permissions. Roles defined once and parsed from every platform, eliminating repetitive definitions and ensuring role parity.
  • CSS go-to and gatekeeper for the entire application. Host many brown-bag lunches, offering insight and advanced understanding of CSS complexity management.

Lead Front-End Engineer, Hunters Alley

San Francisco, CA, Sep 2013 – Jun 2014

  • Incessantly focus on pixel-perfect implementation of Creative design (closely knit with creative teams), whilst accounting for a responsive medium
  • Owner of CSS architecture (Sass pre-processor + OO/BEM class structure)
  • Utilize Angular JS for event delegation, constantly maintaining a progressively-enhanced approach
  • Restructure and implement content for SEO and accessibility/usability
  • Modern browser-centric approach--as long as it's usable on older devices, it works

Lead Front-End Engineer, One Kings Lane

San Francisco, CA, Nov 2011 – Jun 2014

  • Single-handedly engineered/implemented the mobile-first, mobile-optimized experience. Naturally scaffolded to scale up.
  • Consumer storefront development, feature enhancements, performance engineering.
  • Passionate focus on Web accessibility and usability.
  • Lead development for the mobile-optimized website, creating a rich, usable and accessible environment for consumers.
  • Spearhead standards and documentation for fellow front-end engineers.
  • Host internal tech talks for colleagues, providing knowledge transfer and ramping up for the latest development tools and techniques.
  • Sass master. Period.

Manager of Front-End Engineering, Warner Bros. Discovery

Knoxville, TN, Sep 2009 – Jul 2011

  • Manage a team of over 10 engineers across 6 of the best cable television brands.
  • Strong focus on skill growth matrices, knowledge transfer, risk mitigation and high ROI toolsets.
  • Lead video API development, allowing all brands to utilize one digital video interface, including user metrics and advertisement interstitials, all while utilizing whatever video provider is needed.


B.S., Computer ScienceUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville